Where to Access Funding For Women-Owned Business

According to new research released by Facebook, women entreprneuer have the potential to boost the South African economy by R175bn by 2022. Most women entrepreneurs start from a lower base and it’s mainly because they have less start-up and investment capital, and possess little or no collateral security. That means businesses run by them are less likely to grow than those run by men.

Today, we are in conversation with the founder of BankerX, Koshiek Karan, taking us through the criteria for beginners who wish to venture into business as well as innovative ways we as female entrepreneurs can access funding for our businesses to grow.

Kosheik Karan

Koshiek is the founder of BankerX. Previously a Vice President in Investment Banking specializing in M&A and capital raising. His core focus is on making expert financial advisory accessible to all South Africans with a strong emphasis on women’s economic participation.