Today is day 3 of #TheWomenomicsWeek series and we look at the assertiveness double bind through the experiences of News and Current Affairs Journalist, Gender Acitivist and Ruth First Fellow, Nolwazi Tusini.

How do you unapologetially maintain your assertiveness without compromising what you stand for even when you risk losing your job or opportunity?

Nolwazi Tusini

Nolwazi Tusini is a journalist, gender rights activist, speaker and sought-after social commentatro, who has appeared on platforms such as eNCA, 702, Power 98.7 and The Big Debate South Africa, a televised debate series tackling intractable topics such as gender, race and feminism.

Most of Nolwaziu’s work focuses on Gender Literacy and in addition to appearing on various media to share, educate and deliberate on how gender permeates all level of society, she also worked with SABMiller’s “No Excuse” campaign against gender-based biolence. In addition to this she regularly conducts men centred workshops around Gender Based Violence with a focus on prevention strategies.

An award-winning new and current affairs editor with almost a decade of experience crafting radio and television shows that have covered global and South African issues, Nolwazi was awarded a Ruth First Fellowship in 2016 for her research on the first generation of black children to enter desegregated multi-racial schools in South Africa.