In today’s edition of #TheWomenomicsWeek, we look at practical ways in which women can break down barriers to accessing leadership positions in the workplace.

Having good workplace policies, processes and support inplace without a strong commitment to inclusion of women is a huge set back. The world of work needs more female leaders – from running organizations to running countries. The eradication of gender inequality will lead to a more inclusive and effective society.

Through this series, we are calling on organizations to include women, offer better pay as well as training and development opportunities.

Dudu Msomi

Dudu Msomi is the Founder and CEO of Busara Leadership partners, a research-oriented strategic advisory and consulting company.

Msomi was recognised by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 29 Influential South African Business Leaders in 2019 and was selected by the US Consulate in South Africa as a mentee on the FORTUNE/US State Department Global Women Leaders in 2010 and on the Cherie Blair Foundation in 2015.

Dudu also presents a series called Wisdom Personified Conversations with Dudu Msomi on the YouTube cgannel ‘Wisdom Personified”. She is also the founder of the Dudu Msomi Foundation.