Introducing and figuring out the timing and correct way of introducing solids to an infant can be quite stressful for parents. There has been generational debates on when is the right time, what the right texture is and how often you should feed your baby.

Today on #TheSitDownParenting we take a look at feeding guidelines for infants, understanding a child’s gut development and myths we have been exposed to.

Guest: Lerato Radebe

Lerato Radebe is a Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Expert who understands that we live at a time where people are faced with considerable food budget limits, time constraints and continuous exposure to junk food and so she endeavours to improve the health and eating habits of South Africans one meal at a time. She also has a keen interest in child nutrition.

She qualified as a Dietician in 2006 and has worked in both private and public sector.

She hosted a show called Food Police, that was aired on Good Life Network and Moja Love TV. She has also done several TV interviews on News24, Shift, Ekse: let’s Talk – Zwala to name a few, as well as radio interviews on KAYA, Metro FM and Metsweding FM. She has also done a host of public events in schools, churches, corporate and the public events.