What to do when Parenting Styles Clash

Parenting is an amazing journey with its own ups and downs. Most parents would agree that they have their children’s best interest at heart however, they might quantify ‘best’ differently.

You may have a lot in common with your partner but most often than not, your parenting styles may differ or even clash.

#TheSitDownParenting unpacks different styles of parenting and ways to make them work to avoid sending mixed signals to your children.

Guest: Ayanda Tetyana

Ayanda believes the most vital part of parenting is to teach children independence, responsibility and emotional skills which will play a huge role in determining the adult they will become. This means parents have a responsibility to continuously learn to better their parenting skills.

She runs workshops working with parents in Primary schools and Day care centres in South Africa. She has also done work in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

She is a resident parent expert on SABC 2 show, Raising Babies. She is also a regular contributor POWER 98.7 Lifestyle shows. POWER Weekend Breakfast with Pabi Moloi as well as POWER Lunch with Ntokozo Mazibuko.

Ayanda is a resident parent coach at Caps radio breakfast show with host Eddie Manyala and does regular features on Tru FM where she talks about parenting issues.

Ayanda is certified NLP Coach, has diploma in childhood development and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.