Monitoring screen time and the content your child consumes

Lockdown restrictions have eased up a little however the fact that our children are still spending a lot of time at home has not changed and what that generally means is that children are consuming more content on TV, their phones, computers, etc.

Studies have shown that too much screen time can have a lot of negative effects on your child.

Riana Botes, Assistant Manager at the Film and Publications Board of South Africa joins us this week’s edition of #TheSitDownParenting to give us screen time recommendations according to different ages that we as parents need to be mindful of. We also unpack age restrictions and why they are crucial to observe.

Guest: Riana Botes

Ms Riana Botes is a graduate of the University of Johannesburg, with a BA Communications and a Honor degree in Political and Development Studies. Currently the Assistant Managers: Classfications and Registration at the Film and Publications Board of South Africa, Riana is in charge of the day-to-day management of the classification of content submitted to the Board. Her main role is to ensure the legal integrity of the process and strict application of the regulatory prescripts to ensure good governance in the proportional balancing of Constitutional rights and the protection of children against potentially harmful content.