National Saving Month Series #2: Financial Planning for your child’s education

Having children is one of the most fulfilling life events to cherish and as a parent you always want to ensure that your child has the best life can offer. This does indeed include ensuring your child receives the best education.

The cost of education keeps increasing every year which make it even more crucial to invest in your child’s future.

TheSitDownWomenomics unpacks considerations you can make for your child’s education in order to put your mind at ease during these tough Financial Times.

Guest: Fifi Mompati

Fifi Mompati has vast and in-depth experiences in the insurance of over 14 years, and currently is heading the Broker and Alternate Distribution – in the Liberty (Emerging Consumer Markets)

Her wide Management experience ranges from Operations and Production in the Broker Franchise division, running her own successful Franchise to her heading up the Worksite Division with another FSP.

She holds a B.Com Accounting degree, and other relevant industry certifications and accreditations. She is very passionate about financial freedom to clients, and entrepreneurial grooming in the insurance industry.