Topic: The nature of the Property Industry in South Africa at the moment

Guest: Lynette Ntuli

Lynette Ntuli is the Founder and CEO of Innate Investment Solutions, a professional services firm that provides property, asset and infrastructure development and management solutions, headquartered in South Africa. She has helped executive leadership positions in diverse sectors and sits on the boards and working groups of various listed, unlisted and industry organisations. A multiple industry and business award recipient, business thought leader and strategist, Ntuli is passionate about diversity, inclusivity and socio-economic development and drives various initiatives in the Education, Entrepreneurial and Skills Development arena in Sub-Saharan Africa on platforms her organisation curates.


We talk about the inhumanities of property, how people become homeless and new trends in property with @msntuli
An insightful conversation on all things property for everyone even if you don’t know a thing about the property industry.