Topic: Managing back to school anxiety in parents and children. How to prepare for school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guest: Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush is an expert at empowering individuals and teams to win at work, home and life. Nikki has written four best-selling parenting books with major publishers, including her latest, Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond: How to parent in disruptive times (Penguin Random House, 2019), co-authored with futurist, Dr Graeme Condrington, Nikki always speaks with passion, packs a powerful soundbite, provides valuable insights and will leave you with practical solutions to help you win at work and life.


[This live was cut twice😫 but we have done a recap]

We talk to Nikki Bush about readjusting in such times and easing our children back into school again.

She gives us tools and the 7 steps of readjustment. 
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