Topic: Women and their finances

Guest: Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter is considered one of South Africa’s leading authorities on holistic Financial planning in the retirement sector. Kim is passionate about merging a clients’ goals and dreams with their Financial Plan to enable a life filled with inspiration and meaning. Her life’s work is to share her learning about the relationship we have with money, and to assist people putting money in its right place,- making sure that money enables them to live the life they really want to have, a place where money aligns perfectly with the pattern of their ideal world. As Director and Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Kim is able to combine her passions: studying the relationship people have with money and advising people on how to get the most life from their money in Retirement.


So here’s the thing… the reality is that most of us are going to be starting from scratch at this finance and money thing post lockdown.

Some of us may have some kind of a foundation but the lockdown took abit of a knock… and some of us are abit in denial of our financial situations and therefore not planning (or maybe we don’t know where to even begin🤷🏽‍♀️). Today I’ve invited @kim_potgieter_ to #TheSitDownWithOlwe2 to give us some guidance, and practical ones, that us as women need during these time.