Topic: Parenting children on the Autism Spectrum

Guest: Veli Silvana

Mother of 4, Co-Founder of the Inam Autism Advocacy group. Head of Business Development – HPO Healthcare Consulting. The Inam Autism Advocacy group is a non-profit organisation established to advocate for children (& adults) with autism. Their mission objectives : Autism awareness and education, Advocacy Fund raising for various autism programs and projects, Support for parents and families affected by autism


April was Autism Awareness Month, and we spoke to @vezis, an autism parent and founder of The Inan Autism Advocacy Group, about parenting autistic children.
What are the challenges?
What are the symptoms?
Does your parenting style drastically change?
What are some of the misconceptions about autism?
These are some of the questions we asked Vezi😉🌈 Here’s the conversation.