Whether you’re starting out as a junior or are years into your particular industry, networking is important and very crucial to staying relevant, top of mind and getting to know who is who.

So today look around you and your space and identify who are the people that can advance your career? Do you have a mentor or someone who’s brain you pick occasionally?

Do you have a sponsor who has your best interest at heart? Have you made yourself clear to your mentor(s) and sponsor of your career goals and aspirations?

Perhaps let’s take a step back do your have goals and aspirations in your chosen career and are they SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time specific?

Now when you have the above in place, you have better networking success as networking, unlike sitting in the office and waiting for the seat above you to be vacant, is dependent on your ability to build relationships and maintain them.

What are the ways I can network?

  1. Clean up your digital image: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+
  2. LinkedIn – be intentional
  3. Google Alerts for conferences and networking sessions etc
  4. Early bird options on conferences (get a calendar going) – write to them early for space
  5. Sit on the websites, follow people on social media and be intentional. Stalk them and interact. Email and DM. Social media is not just about trolls.
  6. Don’t just sit at one table when out or at events. Interact! Sit at different restaurants. Sit at discussions and stalk people (online) as you interact with them.
  7. Why have social media and the internet if you’re not maximizing is to your growth and benefit? Follow people in your industry on social media an interact.
  8. Search for TwitterChats and see the conversations happening around your industry
  9. Speak to your friends. Court people, don’t stop until you make progress. Once again, be intentional
  10. Never be afraid to ask questions and research!