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…apparently that’s what they call us – The black millennial digital entrepreneurs aka the BMW or even the DoERs.
Apparently we’re characterised by our smarts, creative, business savvy, culturally astute, collaborative and family orientated. We are the quintessential reflection of our generation and on the rise. We are not afraid to call the shots on our careers and dictate the direction of our careers.
I am a very stubborn human when it comes to my dreams and what I feel God has set out for me. I cannot be bought, bossed or bribed. I am adamant about the journey and what it takes. We’ve owned and continue to own our truth – the bad and the ugly – in order for other never to use it against us. We understand our flaws and our weaknesses, in order to understand what may need delegation or empowerment. We are the new dawn of a whole new day of equality.



I think we have come to the realisation that in the past our cultures and behaviours have been borrowed to move things forward – be it fashion, culture, etc. If we do not take the reign somehow, we will keep being the free lenders and never the main players at the table.

We are facilitating change from within and outside of companies that span across from insurance, publishing, fashion, right through to media and marketing agencies. We too can ‘lean forward’ and ‘push back’.
Today we may look like social disruptors but tomorrow we will be seen as the beginning of the normal. Young black girls moving into the real world need to see themselves as valid. They should feel free to claim their work without fear of judgement and ask questions without fear of being prejudiced.

We don’t just want to be DoERs who are creating and continuing conversations of integration and diversity; we want to be a part of the shift and the change – eventually the normality of the black girl achiever.