Here are some facts you may not know:

  • Black women have to work seven hours more in order to earn what their male co-worker makes.
  • Black women are also more inclined than any other group to assist friends or family financially.
  • Women in general are more likely to work multiple jobs to sustain financial security than men.

We need to hone our financial literacy and ability to retain income for as long as possible. It’s time for us to start building and protecting our wealth. Strive to make and meet your financial goals year after year.

  1. Set Financial Goals
    1. Puts you in charge of your money and your life. Your goalscan be short or long term, small or large, but they all need to be achievable. The first step to getting sorted is to work out where you want to be financially and what your priorities are.
  1. Church Contributions
    1. Tithing – where it originates from
    2. Giving Back – seeding back
  1. Debt
    1. Anyone who lives beyond his income is inviting disaster. Borrowed money is not income.
  1. Savings
    1. If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money; but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.
    2. Whether early in life or late, we must all eventually learn to discipline ourselves, our appetites, and our economic desires.
  1. Develop Strong Credit Report

Your credit history should the foundation of your financial management journey at young age. Credit report reflects how you managed your past debts and your current debt amount. Having good credit record and score can play a major role in you getting favourable loan and mortgage terms in future

  1. Self Discipline
    1. If you cannot obtain all you wish for today, learn to do without that which you cannot purchase and pay for; and bring your minds into subjection that you must and will live within your means
  1. Budgeting
    1. No matter how much or how little we have to live on each week or month, it needs to be used wisely. We need to decide on a budget and live within it. Some claim living within a budget takes the fun out of life and is too restrictive. But those who avoid the inconvenience of a budget must suffer the pains of living outside of it. Churches function within budgets. Businesses function within budgets. Therefore households need to function within budgets.
  1. Honesty
    1. Be honest in all your financial affairs.The ideal of integrity will never go out of style. It applies to all we do. Sometimes, we hide things from ourselves. We even hide from our own financial realities sometimes
    2. However, you need to be honest. If you’re not really happy with your financial situation, it might be time for a change.