I’ve always had to scold at myself for working backwards with a lot of things. An example of this is the process of formulating an idea and turning it into creative writing. We’ve been conventionally taught to start with a brainstorm, get to the introduction, body, and conclusion, right? Well, I find myself doing the complete opposite and I see this play out in other areas of my interests. One of them being property.

So, I’m currently in the early stages of purchasing a home. My levels of excitement are evident. My real estate agent made it up to my speed dial list. Mainly because, almost every weekend, I bug him about viewing the property time and again. I do this because I’m already contemplating how the interior design is going to look and feel. Even my social media algorithms can attest to this – literally every second post suggested to me relates to property and interior design. My current dilemma though is whether I should stay in it or lease it. 

Which is why I found the debut episode of Home2Live capturing. 

Home2Live is a property lifestyle show, where Olwethu Leshabane aka Olwe2Lesh explores properties that have been turned from houses to live into homes to live in. In each episode, Home2Live explores the techniques used by house owners, project managers, constructors, designers, property investors, in building, renovating and designing properties. The audience gets to attain from the show knowledge that will broaden their property knowledge pool, learn from experiences and expertise of others.

The saying goes, “home is not a place…it’s a feeling”. And we see this in the first home Olwethu views, in episode 1, an – old school Johannesburg apartment – which has been given a facelift through interior design, without any structural changes. Project Manager for the Private Property and Builders Warehouse renovation project Shinaaz Osman, explains the concept behind the design and how it’s inspired by a Scandinavian home. 

Using neural, earthy shades and a monochrome palette, the simple, minimalist approach creates a sense of calmness and comfort – connecting each room in the home. She also explains how adding certain elements can bring warmth to the space – which you can read more about in our previous blog post, here. You can also purchase some amazing products for your home on the AoS Shop

Tracy Miller, Brand Marketing Executive for Private Property shares tips on what to consider when starting up a renovation project for leasing out your property. 

What further caught my attention is, Integrated Campaign Lead at Builders, Roshana Burnett’s sentiments, admitting that so much can go wrong when starting up a home renovation project and offering tools and resources that Builders has, to help you along the journey. 

I might not have a project manager and a design yet for my new property, however I know that I can make use of an app such as the Get It Done App to find the right people to help me achieve a home I would also live in even if I lease my property. Thanks to #Home2Live.

I’m definitely frequenting the Art of Superwoman 2Live page for the next episodes, trusting it to hold my hand through the process of owning property… #HerestoHome! 

You can also read more about the Ready to Renovate collaboration between Builders and Private Property here