It makes sense to me now why Professor Bonang Mohale wrote an insightful foreword on Simpiwe Masiza’s Anthology. While perusing through the anthology, I began forming a mental image of the author, and I started appreciating the wisdom that he afforded us in his book. 

Living in a country that has multiple ongoing situations that have the potential to cause a strain on our mental well-being and drain the zeal we require to live our lives, Pitcher At The Fountain Of Wisdom is an anthology we can all visit to draw a bit of motivation to keep us going. I call my copy a ‘mini-bible’ because it contains quotes and insights that apply to various states of my life. One of the relevant quotes from the book is the African proverb ”However long the night, dawn will break,” these are words that I gnawed for when I was going through difficulty. 

Masiza is quite selective with the quotes in his book. As stated above, his quotes can be applied in our daily lives and during various phases we go through. From the African proverbs, Barack Obama quotes, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, to Martin Luther King Jr quotes, Masiza paired these with many insightful explanations. 

This is a collection of quotes that is suitable for all ages, as I stated, it is a ‘mini bible.’ If you are a parent who reads bedtime stories to your children, I absolutely recommend this powerful read to enrich your young one’s mind. Another aspect I love about this book is that it is easy to carry, it almost fits into my pocket. When you are taking breaks in-between work, you can at random open a page and fill yourself with some energy stored within it. You can get it from  or email