The Mother of all Babyshowers Terms and Conditions 

About The Mother of all Babyshowers (#MoaB)

    1. MoaB is an initiative by Olwethu Leshabane (@Olwe2Lesh on Instagram) to celebrate her 30th birthday and spoil about 33 expectant moms (“entrants”) domiciled in South Africa through a virtual baby shower (“the event”).
    2. The event will be a webinar hosted by Olwethu and feature 30 expectant moms selected through a social media competition, 3 expectant moms specially selected by Olwethu’s Doula Practice (@DigitalDoula_ on Instagram) and 3 or 4 key-note speakers. The event will also be streamed lived on various social media platforms. The event will be recorded and published at a later stage on various social platforms and/or television.
    3. Olwethu will collaborate with some of the brands (“the sponsors”) she has previously worked with in order to make the event a reality and success. 
    4. The sponsors will primarily provide gifts to Olwethu, speakers, expectant moms, their friends and families and members of the public involved (directly and indirectly) in the event (“participants”) and/or make financial contributions towards the organization of the event.
    5. The sponsors, in exchange for their participation, will receive marketing and advertising exposure, directly by Olwethu (and/or her related media platforms, including, but not limited to Art of Superwoman, DigitalDoula, 2Live with Olwethu Leshabane, The Sit Down) and indirectly by participants.
    6. The sponsors will be made public on Olwethu’s media platforms and updated as and when they confirm their participation.
    7. The Baby Shower will take place on the 5th of July 2020 at 13h00 – 16h00 CAT.
    8. The competition and event will be managed by Art of Superwoman (Pty) Ltd on behalf of Olwethu.

Selection Process of Entrants (“the competition”)

    1. 30 expectant moms will be selected through a nomination and selection process on Instagram (@Olwe2Lesh’s page) as follows:
      1. Olwethu will invite the public to nominate any expectant mom and expectant moms may nominate themselves by tagging themselves on the post.
      2. Olwethu will make a selection using her own discretion and notify the public of the winners.
      3. Olwethu’s decision is final.
    2. At least 3 @DigitalDoula_ clients and/or associates will be selected to join the other 30 expectant moms.
    3. Upon selection, the expectant moms will be required to accept their selection/invitation and complete a form to provide their personal details (and those of some of their friends and/or families) in order to facilitate delivery of their gifts and make logistical arrangements for the event and/or subscribe to the Art of Superwoman newsletter.
    4. Each entrant is required to be available for the event and should have 
    5. By accepting the selection/invitation and providing the above mentioned details, the entrants accept the terms and conditions of the competition and provide Olwethu the following set of consents for no further compensation beyond the competition prizes:
      1. Publish their names and/or their images/videos on her media platforms.
      2. Furnish sponsors and technical partners with their details in order to make arrangements for the event and facilitate the delivery of the prizes. Olwethu shall request the sponsors and technical partners to limit the usage of the entrants’ details strictly for the above purpose. The entrants shall indemnify Olwethu of any liability for failure of the sponsors and/or technical partners to adhere to the said request.
      3. Contact their friends and families in respect of making certain logistical arrangements for the event. The entrants confirm that they have received consent from the said friends and/or families to be contacted by Olwethu and/or any of her representatives in respect of the event..  
    6. Each entrant will receive the same set of gifts to be delivered to them (at no cost to them) no later than 3 July 2020. The gifts have an estimated retail value of approximately R10 000.00.
      1. The entrants are required not to open any of the gifts prior to the event. All the gifts will be unwrapped during the event. The event programme (including any administrative/logistical requirements/expectations from entrants) will be communicated to all entrants prior to the event.
    7. There will be further prizes to be won by entrants during the event with retail values yet to be finalized. These prizes will be won by way of on-screen raffles at various intervals:
      1. Each entrant will be given a number, sorted in alphabetical order of their Instagram page (at the time of accepting the nomination/selection).
    8. In addition to the above mentioned gifts/prizes, there will be a grand prize with a retail value of approximately R50 000.00 to be won by one entrant through a public voting on
      1. The entrants will be encouraged to rally friends, families and members of the public to vote for them by simply clicking on their Instagram handle on the voting webpage.
      2. Each voter will be limited to a maximum of 1 vote.
      3. The entrant with the most votes, will win the grand prize.
    9. The values of the above mentioned prizes are based on sponsors’ commitment at the time of announcement of the selection/invitation of the 33 entrants. Should any sponsor withdraw from the event for whatever reason, the value of the gifts/prizes will decrease accordingly and increase accordingly should any new sponsor come on board. Olwethu shall not be liable to replace any sponsor that withdraws from the event.