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My husband and I have been exploring the idea and getting quotations for renovating our guest house and upgrading the 90s vibe it has going on, into something a little bit more modern and maybe even an industrial vibe.

My husband is completely invested and sold on the idea because he thinks he’s getting a man cave (hehe) – but honestly, I need a place to run off to when the boy madness gets rough around here. So, I’ve let him sort of go with the idea of a man cave, we’ll renegotiate the details later.


One of the things I am extremely fussy and pedantic about is the bathroom setup. For me, the bathroom is a full-on escape and a place for me to lock the door and chill. The toilet seat has been my anxiety friend when things get mad around the house… I’ve had two little people trail me to the toilet for the past 6 years and they are just beginning to grasp the privacy of the toilet; so I have never enjoyed bathroom privacy like I am now.


It was perfectly fitting for the team at Geberit to contact me for a collaboration; though at first, I was very skeptical because I’d always imagined them to be the back-end guys, I was pleasantly surprised at the sleek and clean designs.


With the launch of the Geberit Bathroom Collection, they now have a new look, with the reliable technology behind the wall now supplemented by perfect bathroom design in front of the wall. So hence one of their new slogans: “Design Meets Function”.

With this step, Geberit uniquely combines perfect design and sophisticated functionality that makes its customers’ lives much easier. With this comprehensive know-how, Geberit is sustainably increasing customers’ quality of life.

Because Geberit is design driven, there are a wide variety of product options one can opt for to achieve your dream bathroom.

A product that I am considering is the monolith sanitary module purely because I don’t want a lot of construction and breaking down of a lot of elements and concrete during the switch over from the 90s vibe we have going on – it’s a simple and quick installation that can take a bathroom into 2020 without the crazy dirt.

Another product I am a fan of must definitely be the touch sense mirror. I’d probably swap out my bathroom mirror for it. It would be so ideal for doing make up and those bathroom selfies (don’t judge me).

I honestly could live in the showroom – located in Linbro Park, Johannesburg. It is a breath of fresh, designer toilet air and so much more.

I think as you grow older, you learn to appreciate bathrooms and the effect they have on us – won’t lie, having a breezy bathroom allows me to think better. Nothing says peace and calm like a loooong bubble bath in a beautifully design bathroom after the kids have been sent to bed.

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