I Walked Into The Shower With My Glasses On…

I walked into the shower with my glasses on today. I didn’t realize I had, until I turned on the shower and a huge gush of water clouded my sight and splashed onto this object that happened to be on my face. It was painlessly frustrating and sore. At that moment I was bemused but later amused at my dumb moment. I mean in all honesty how was I supposed to see I had glasses on?
But this is why I have a blog right… Because I do strange things that make me wonder if I’m the only one. Things like tidy up after everyone but I fail to tidy up after myself. I’m constantly nagging everyone about neatness and eating where they shouldn’t at home… But, I’m such a clut. I spilt coffee on myself today. Hot boiling coffee. Pfffft…

I left the shower door open after scolding my husband yesterday for doing so. But then again our domestic help is there for me in that sense. She closes that shower door and picks up my pants. Even the ones that I decided not to wear. This was probably after I scolded my husband under my breath for taking out 3 pairs of pants, then deciding to wear the first one. I put those back in their place, myself.

But boy oh boy am I amazing at tidying up and fixing everyone’s everything. Even Mikaili’s Transformer arm when Morgan broke it. But my shoe strap’s still hanging (Sometimes I force matters and wear it to church). I just made a note to get it fixed this week. I may as well also list it in next week’s to do list… Because… Maybe just maybe everyone else’s ‘clutness’ needs fixing first.

Anyone else relate?

PS. Today I didn’t make the bed, I was in Pyjamas ’til the afternoon and I didn’t cook.

Maybe my next post should be on domestic rebellion. Would a post such as that qualify as domestic rebellion?

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