Albany Best of Both Genius

We received a drop from Albany with some super cool goodies!

Nourishment all round. Nourishment of health in the form of yoga mats for the boys and I, nourishment of the belly – Albany Best of Both, Nourishment of the mind – Educational activities, and many more goodies.

One of the trickiest things with being a parent is ensuring kids are receiving their nutrients. I’m constantly wrecking my brains about whether my kids are getting their vitamins and nutrients in their food.

New Albany Best of Both Genius is an easy all-in-one solution that will allow me to provide a filling meal, as well as the vitamins my kids need to grow.

I’m conscious of the fact that my children are spending a lot less time playing outside. But what’s important for me is ensuring my children get all the goodness, energy and fibre to live a healthy active lifestyle with a taste they’ll love.

Knowing that Best of Both Genius is a specially formulated bread, that has the great taste of white bread, with the fibre of brown personally puts me at ease. It is enriched with Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin A, B1, B3 and Vitamin D to support kids’ growth and development. 

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