Do you judge people’s houses when visiting? Do you scrutinize and do decor in your head? Or are you a person who doesn’t like having visitors because you’re worried they’ll judge the condition of your home?

So I personally rate I am a reformed type A personality with flare ups every now and again. But I have a nasty habit of always rearranging furniture in my own home in my head, dreaming up new furniture and where it will sit, making my hubby move things and change and remodel the house every now and again. And with a new baby on the way, I have had every excuse to redo a room top to bottom and rearrange the WHOLE house – yes the whole house!

That being said, I also have a nasty habit of walking into people’s houses and rearranging furniture, analysing the feng shui of their space.

Are the carpets aligned to the tiles?

Does their couch drift in the middle of the living room?

Or is there another piece in the room that complements it?

Bad habit – I know.

And I worry that people perhaps do this when they come to my house too!

It kills me because I’m in a space where I’m wondering if buying new furniture – nice furniture – is a good idea considering I have two boys (5 & 6) and a baby on the way. *aaaaah*

I still struggle from toys and shoes all over the place and having to run around gathering stuff when a visitor says their at the gate.

Sooo… Ummm…

Do you judge people’s houses? Or judge their messy houses? Do you find yourself redecorating people’s houses all the time you’re in them?

I guess when visiting a friend I don’t really expect perfection, as in I don’t mind you having the washing out, and I don’t really see the fuss in making the kids pick up the lego from the floor – I guess  a tad of clutter is not so bad but smells and dirt? NO!

Out of place furniture? NO!

I have a thing that if decor isn’t your strong point, just keep it simple and minimalistic… but i guess minimalism is relative these days too huh?