I recently had the honour of being one of the media invited to attend the Miniso launch and conference into the South African market and might I say, I was pleasantly surprised:

The stores are so different. Like the good and refreshing kind of different.  I enjoy the fresh feel and the adequate lighting, the soft and bright colors and the practical goods they have in store.

We were taken on a luxury shopping experience at the Miniso store in Norwood and thereafter transported to the “Change the World” conference in Marlboro where we were brought into the loop about the Miniso story, its heritage and what is at the core of the brand’s excellence; it’s three pillars:

Simplicity, refinement, quality.

As a brand, MINISO is dedicated to quality Japanese product design, using only the finest raw materials in the production of their unique goods. At extraordinary prices, MINISO offers a range of goods at unbeatable costs whilst immersing consumers in an unparalleled shopping experience.

I look forward to more shopping experiences and gift purchasing at Miniso… Here’s a tip from me:

Start your Christmas shopping nice and early, make regular pop ins to your nearest Miniso and start collecting some gift items, the store also prides itself with constantly updating the products on their shelves and not having the same products for a long period of time.

Happy Shopping!