Happy New Year you guys (kind of feels like we came go right into 2017 now already)  and I trust you had some good festive fun…

It’s my first post for the new year!!! Woohoo!!

Actually, wait… I’m lying. I hope you’re just as tired as I am and you also have January nanny struggles. BLEH!

IMG_0054I’m survived by red bulls, coffee and alcohol…

My holiday was spent hosting family and friends, cleaning and drinking copious amounts of alcohol to get me through the madness. But I’m here! I’m standing! I still appreciate life and i haven’t died of alcohol overdose yet. The reality is honestly the fact that I am dangerously exhausted, unrested and cranky – and it’s only the 12th of January. I could do with a post-holiday holiday (because when holidaying with kids – it’s not really holiday is it?) but the kids are back to school tomorrow and yeah that beautiful and liberating thing called SELF EMPLOYMENT! I almost want to laugh at the juxtaposition that it is because although I was on holiday, (And I mean, you can so easily be on holiday and work wherever you are, but the reality is that you’re always on call and always and I mean always working), full-time mom, wifehood, host-mode and entrepreneur mode is still switched on.

So there’s really no winning is there?! But I have learnt a few lessons this festive. Amongst the madness, i did manage to have fun. Wish i had more fun and spent less time stressing so much. I don’t know how not stressing feels like. Stress and anxiety come so naturally to me… – Sounds so psychotic and absurd, but it does. Now, add to that the sudden and unexpected disappointment of a nanny that we’ve had for the longest time ever, 3 years! I’m so thrown, stressed out and frustrated. I plan things. I make lists in my sleep. So when my programme gets thrown out as it has and I’m not able to do some things, every single thing thereafter is sort of thrown off… Domino effect of sort. Then when it slowly gets back to normal and gets better, I have to start recovering and gaining my sanity back before continuing with life as I know it. *Sigh* As I’m typing this out, I feel like such a loony bin! LOL

Anyway… Let me go iron my Superwoman suit. I may need to for what’s ahead. First days of school for the New Year, creative pitching for first quarter… I’m going to need a SHIT load of gangster rap to get me through these trying times.

I hope everyone is having an amazing start to the year though and our goals and targets are locked in! My only worry is publicly calling my kids monkeys. The word ‘monkey’ is so tainted right now… It used to be cute saying things like “My kids are such monkeys sometimes”. Thanx alot Penny…. Until the next post – Kisses Superwomen!!!

PS. This December I realised that threatening my kids and taking away their privileges doesn’t work – so I’ve resulted to telling them that when they turn 5 their teeth will fall out (Something they fear so immensely, especially Mikaili -my eldest). IT WORKS! LOL