Our First Day At The Movies

We recently had our first movie experience with our boys Mikaili & Morgan and boy was it easier than we thought it would be.

Our movie of choice was the Minions Movies… And I could tell the boys enjoyed it because Morgan fell asleep and Mikaili was quiet throughout the movie – only needing the toilet once.

There is really no definite trick to it… but here are some tips from our first experience that I would like to share.


  1. Take the kids to the movies in the morning before all the stimulation and the madness happens or about an hour after a good nap. This should help keep the jitters and restlessness at bay.
  2. Make sure that your child is really ready. There really is no right first day at the movie age, it really depends on your little one. Lots of little people see their first movie at around 3/4ish… but it depends on things like: Is your child scared of the dark | Do they need the loo often | Do they get anxious easily | ICan their attention span hold up
  3. Selecting the right movie is key! Here really, the trick is to pick something with some association. So if they love Spiderman or Spongebob (My kid’s ultimate favourites) they will definitely hold up (the entire movie if you’re lucky). My kids are huge fans of the Minions, and I think they were just hooked at “Bananaaaa”… That’s really all it took.
  4. Go yourself a great favour – SKIP THE TRAILERS. I think the worst was trying to explain to a 2 & 3 year old screaming “I want Mineens” that Minions is going to play now now… they must just sit still. That was tough. *Phew* But we survived that stormy sea.
  5. Just go with it. Yho, listen. We are ruled by these armies we create called kids. so if he/she decides they are done and they are off, just go with it. The last thing you want is your child being marred by an image of being restrained whilst in the theatre and you having popcorn thrown at you for not ‘controlling’ your off-spring.

…I sometimes wonder whether people actually truly believe kids are really controllable… Or maybe it’s just my kids…


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  1. The first time my little one watched a movie it was Stuart Little 2 and each time the parts with the humans came on, he screamed “No don’t change, I want cartoons!”
    Lol, it was a bit funny coz he thought there was someone with a remote changing channels.

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