Give-Away: Mom Meet-Up

Reflecting back on last Sunday’s event (Our Mother’s Day Meet Up), I realise that in this world where perfection is an Instagram post away, mothers and women are longing for realness and for those real mom connections. We’re all looking for that uncomfortable and solid truth that will help us in our pursuit to finding what works for each of us.

And that is exactly the outcome of the Mother’s Day Meet-Up we hosted in collaboration with Optimum Med.

We spoke about the good, the bad and the ugly of birthing, on whether our bodies are being policed; to even the point where we started seeing the trends of patriarchy and misogyny in the way women and young girls’ bodies are treated as Z-grade priorities in a country where we are said to have equal rights.

“…like the times I get overwhelmed by my kids and ‘steal’ a glass of wine from the kitchen and find a nice snug corner of my closet to enjoy it in. Alone. With no kid one following me.”

In a world like this, we find ourselves having the most amount of mom-guilt, anxiety and stress related conditions. We need to be encouraging each other, sharing with each other and letting each other in on the uncomfortable truths – like the times I get overwhelmed by my kids and ‘steal’ a glass of wine from the kitchen and find a nice snug corner of my closet to enjoy it in. Alone. With no kid one following me.

So in the spirit of real mommy-ing this life thing, share your #RealMom stories with me in the comments section and you could win a Baby Dove Hamper


  • Sam

    My #realmom story started with giving birth to my first child far away from my own mom, with my partner. Yes we had agreed but in that moment I really needed my mom. And only giving birth could teach me that ! Long story short my daughter struggled to latch and my poor books were both bleeding and she was starving so I resorted to formula. That had NEVER been a part of the plan but it became a case of sheer desperation and I’ve been dealing with mom guilt ever since because I then never got her to latch on again AND my supply dried up. Every now and then I’ll kinda feel my hackles rise when other women want to rub in how brilliant breast milk is and how could I possibly be giving my child formula. I wish other women knew how every mom wants the best for their kid and if they can’t necessarily give them the best then they should know that it stings and should be kinder about it 🙂

    • Sam

      Poor boobs not books🤣

    • Nokuthula Mdlalose

      Went through something similar, was judged by so many moms even women who aren’t mother’s. It’s sad that as women we fail to be kind to each other.

  • Tebogo Tlhabane

    I think for me each day has its own “realmom moment but one that hits home the most is when the whole tribe is sick myself included which is what im currently facing. Just yesterday i was catching vomit in my hands while I myself felt like the walking dead. Honestly moms should never fall ill because we still expected to keep things going and our babies don’t understand my twin girls still want my attention understandably so and sadly having lost my mom to cancer last year I dont have her to lean on during these times because like they say every mom wants their own mom when they sick😷😢

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