For those that aren’t aware, this is my third pregnancy and I won’t lie, I was pretty nervous about documenting this pregnancy online. Then I thought ‘why not?, it should be fun.’

As I share my journey, I’m hoping to hear yours too if you are a mommy, a mommy to be and even if you are trying. Falling pregnant this time around wasn’t as easy, especially after the many years of contraception – but we’re so grateful God said yes and blessed us a third time.

So here it goes:

I had it so bad during the first trimester of this pregnancy. I honestly felt like it was payback time for cheating all preggy symptoms during my first two.

The morning sickness, perhaps it is more fitting to say all day sickness, was horrid from 5 weeks to about 10 weeks. I was so hungry but had no appetite for anything available ANYWHERE. I didn’t know what I wanted to eat most of the time and when I did eat something it all came back. Like, way to go pregnancy!


I had to go to the doctor in the later days of week 6 due to the vomiting, nausea and terrible fatigue owning my life – the doctor put me on a drip to rehydrate and I was sent home a few hours later.

He suggested I see my gynae urgently to check that all is well and considering we didn’t have a gynae appointment for about another 3 weeks, I was quite anxious now.

I managed to get squeezed in for an appointment with my gynae that week, really just to check that all is well phew. I think I was a tad bit worried because I had never had morning sickness or anything remotely close to it with Mikaili and Morgan.


At the appointment, he checked my weight which had obviously dropped, blood pressure and did a scan and located little teeny tiny Olive (my hubby and I have nickname him/her already) in the scan. He/she was rather hard to find but doctor found and measure him/her and casually said “Well I don’t think you’ll hear a heartbeat this at this time, it’s still early stages but let’s see.”

He turned on the sound and boom!

Little Olive’s heart shot right through the speakers on the scanner and I wish I could have bottled the look on my husband’s face – priceless. His joy!

I think men don’t believe what’s actually happening inside a woman’s body during pregnancy until it’s actually real and somewhat tangible.


I was super excited too to have the confirmation, though as a woman, you do know – but that machine has another way of validating the power of the female body. Like, I’m creating a whole human inside of me!!


Anyway, my gynae prescribed Folic Acid and a Preggy Vitamin shake to take considering that I wasn’t able to keep any food down. I honestly don’t know how I got through those weeks… it was horrid. Still is bad but not as bad, I thought I was dying!


Now that First Trimester is over with I’m kind of relieved because it was a painful few weeks. I could barely function. I’m in my second trimester heading to the halfway mark and I’ll be sure to keep you updatedJ


Love, O




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am at the 5 week mark and morning sickness is my worst nightmare, it’s actually all day sickness and I just wanna cry. I am always hungry and the only thing this I can keep down is avocado and lemon juice. I look forward to seeing your preggy Style and to steal some looks from you…:-)

    Ps: congratulations on your bundle.

    1. Congratulations and thank you Gugu!
      It will pass… I remember early on in the pregnancy I could only do crackers and avo and water with lemon too. Or alternatively spicy hot soup to keep the nausea at bay.
      It so tough this pregnancy business!
      All the best!

  2. Huge congrats on your Olive! I am almost on week 8 and good to know other people are feeling as dreadful as me!! It feels like I have every symptom ever documented! And toast aka carbs are the only thing staying down!

  3. The gas has been the worst for this one!Everything came early as well,the kicks,the groin pain and the HUGE belly!I still only call her Number 3.

  4. Congratulations Olwethu and l hope you feel much better and the weeks progress and the baby grows.
    I’m in my third trimester and luckily did not have any morning sickness,but oooh boy this little one has changed my skin for the worst.
    Kindly share all your beauty tricks as well.
    P.s Try ginger as well for morning sickness.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Hi Gugu,
      I learnt that the basics right now are what work for my skin.
      I’ve been using Lamelle products from Skin Renewal – they do your skin analysis and put you on specially tailored skin regimes.
      If you’re tight on budget, I also have something else that works beautifully on my skin especially on break outs – I’ll check at home and get back to you:)

  5. I’m on my 9th week, first pregnancy and I’m like what is morning sickness? I’m so glad I don’t get to go through any of that, however the fatigue is terrible I can barely make it through my work day 😭

  6. Congratulations Olwethu!!!! I can’t tell you how much you inspire me.

    I actually know you from like years ago!! We went to school together, Glenstantia Primary school (in all fairness I barely did know you let alone speak to you during those days😄)

    To get to the point, I’m a newly wed (2 weeks to be exact) and my husband and I have been trying for about 4 months now. I must be honest I didn’t think it would take this long to fall pregnant. I know that 4 months is not actually something to be worried about considering how long I was on contraceptives.
    If it’s not to personal to answer, how long were you and your husband trying before you fell pregnant?

    1. Hi Zonke!
      You making me feel so old… LOL… Those were donkey years ago.
      To Answer your question:
      It took us about 5 months to be exact. It was a torturous 5 months considering how easily I fell pregnant the previous times.
      I starting eating better, took vitamins as well as omega supplements that are said to normalise the cycle. All this and tons of prayer! I remember the morning when my period was due and nothing came, i got so excited! Then the following morning when i went to the loo, i started spotting and i was so bummed! then the next day, no period. I knew right there and then we were pregnant. So keep hoping, praying, walking/working out, eat healthy and take your vitamins to try regulate your cycle. Speak to your gynae as well and do all your health checks so you’re able to identify anything that might be abnormal; for example, i have an inverted uterus.

      Blessings and best of luck to you and hubby!

      PS. Enjoy this time that the two of you have now. The madness when baby gets here is intense and never ends! lol

  7. For someone who has been trying for over 3years now, I totally have hope when someone says they had also been trying and it happened, ofcourse yours wasn’t as long as mine, but i still get hopeful.

    Congratulations, love.

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