What started off as a blog about parenthood evolved into a dialogue and a conversation between the inner workings of myself and conversations with fellow sisters and friends.

I am for women and I will always be for women – so at the core of Art of Superwoman, is the strength of a mom, a wife, a sister and an aspiring Superwoman who wants to rally up the Superwomanhood troops, because we run this!


Welcome to the Art of Superwoman!

“On most days she has no idea how she does it but she still gets it done”




Words I live by

I know, a woman like me is unconventional but Lord allow me to do what You have called me to do and let them call it what they want.

my kids will walk past their dad watching football in the lounge & comb barging into the bathroom whilst i'm on the toilet seat to ask me to open up a packet of sweets

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